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Carla Pretato


My name is Carla Pretato, I attended the Fashion School Vitali, after my degree Sartorial Pattern Maker with the highest marks, I also got a pattern maker CAD LECTRA degree. Afterwards, with tha’help of Silvia Vitali, I had the opportunity to get an interview at the company Avedon, they offered me a trial period of three months, after which I got the permanent contract. The company was in charge of women’s clothing conformed. After eight years the owner of the Hettabretz called me for an interview, I was hired, and after a month I was the manager in charge of the CAD. You can imagine how I felt, since this company had licensing agreements for Brioni and Prada woman, I suddenly found myself in the middle the world of high fashion. I worked at Hettabretz until 2008, a very profitable period, where I learned a lot, I had the chance to work with valuables leathers and fur, but when I thought that I would not get more than that, I got a phone call, a great fashion company: Emilio Pucci spa; of course I did not lose the opportunity, I had an interview and after a month I became a company employee with the role of developer . Even now I’m still at Emilio Pucci, over time my role has changed, I ‘m in charge of the sample parts collaborating with the design department. Looking back I certainly cannot complain about how things went , today I feel like a realized woman, and I owe it all definitely to my tenacity and my professional background.