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CAD Lectra Pattern Making Course

  • Reserved to qualified or professional Pattern Maker
  • Duration: 32 lessons 96 hours for 1 school year
  • Start-up: September
  • Attendance : 1 weekly class on Saturday or on Tuesday from 9.00 to 12. 00.
  • Individual lessons: From 15 June to 15 September min. 20 lessons of 3 hours price 50 euro hour + IVA
  • Subjects: CAD Pattern Making LECTRA Suite Modaris Damino Vigiprint
  • Professional outlets: Companies producing clothes, fashion workshops, self-employment
  • Payment : 300 Euro enrollment + 9 monthly rates of 150 Euro

Certified Course Lectra Education Certified CAD Course

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Disegno tecnico modellisticaBasic notions of information technology Study of hardware and software components, CAD - CAM Lectra (Modaris, Diamino, Vigiprint) graphic programs and the Windows operating system.
tendenza e ricerca tema modaCreating the Pattern Digitisation of the finished pattern. Modifying the pattern using the previous digitisation. Creating and codifying of the pattern and its sizes. Analysing the paper pattern: explaining the construction points and of their positioning on the images, checking of the video pattern, access route, pattern registration, practical exercises
progettare tessutoCAD Pattern MakingAccess routes, creating and codifying of the libraries for a correct data filing. Modifying the pattern, creation of new versions, like pockets, belts, etc. Video application of the development. Copy of the development, from point to point, of the same image and of different images. Setting out of sewing figures and defining of the sewing angles for the industrialisation of the models. Adding of nicks, internal holes, texts. Creating new versions of the pattern. Adding of extreme and intermediate sizes to the existing size list. Changing of shifting of the basic size. Putting together of the different pattern components CAD placements Creating of the placement card, creating of restrictions in order to prevent/allow the movement of the different components according to the kind of fabric used. Preparing of the placement. Size analogy, new version and fabric with an existing placement, adding of sizes/versions, adding of previously created placements. How to obtain and use a correct and functional placement, costs optimisation.Since 1989, The School of Fashion offers courses for CAD Lectra Modaris, Diamino, the institute is certified "Lectra Education".


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Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 12.00 a.m

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