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Fashion Design Course


Duration: 64 lessons 192 hour

The Fashion Designer, designs and defines the creation of the fashion sketch and of the collections, combining creative skills with the essential skills for the creation of a dress.

A design can be reproduced in different colors and patterns and it is the designer who decides it. This development is generally carried out with traditional drawing methods, but also through the use of graphics software programs. He works in contact with stylists, with sample coordinators, with pattern makers, with design managers.

The fashion designer must know the anatomy of the human body, the drawing techniques, the colors. He knows the history of costume, the sociology of fashion, the history of fabric. He knows how to use all the techniques of freehand drawing.

Fashion Design Course

Vitali Fashion School

Fashion Design Course INFORMATION
  • Fashion Design Course
  • Start-up: One year September and January. Two-year only September
  • Attendance: one weekly lesson on Saturday from 9.30 to 12.30 last two years. Two lessons Saturday from 9.30 to 12.30 and Thursday from 14.30 to 17.30 last one year.
  • Enrollment: Until June for courses starting in September. Until November for courses starting in January. Limited number.
  • Subjects: Fashion illustration. Fashion Styling. Textile technology. History of Costume.
  • Professional outlets: Companies producing clothes, fashion workshops, self-employment.
  • Price: 2380 euro ( IVA compresa)


Fashion Design Course

  • Canon of proportions and human anatomy, the draft, the included, the stylization. The technical drawing, pattern study of the base. The technical details.
  • The trend of the theme and target research, research materials and mood. Designing fabric: continuous printing, jumped, mirror, placed. Study of developments in the drapery of the different materials.
  • Achievements sketches based leaders: T-shirts, lingerie, swimwear, skirts, pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, vests, jackets, coats, suits, knitwear. Realization ready to wear collections theme and target free: night collection, sweatshirts, sports jackets, shirts, knitwear.
  • Realization collections prêt-à-porter theme and set target: a collection suit, large size, day, evening. Realization haute couture theme and set target: collection wedding and evening dresses.
  • Textile technology : fabrics, commercial functional and decorative technique.
  • History of costume and fashion. Psychology of colors.
  • Men’s collection, accessories collection and kids collection.
  • The structure of the company, the professionals in fashion.
  • Construction of a final project: choice of subject, target, materials, construction of the mood, creating a collection with its organic sheets.
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