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Erika Finotello


My name is Erika Finotello, I live in Adria (RO) and the fashion was not for me the classic “love at first sight”! In fact I took another graduation ; but one day, surfing the net, I heard about the Fashion School Vitali, I iinformed about and decided to enroll. When I started the school I knew nothing, neither thread a needle,nor use a sewing machine and not even sew a button … so I started from “zero”, because I had no basis! I started with the course of Sartorial Pattern Maker and soon I realized that was what I liked to do, every day I put more and more effort and passion and decided to be fully trained on that. So I enrolled in the course of Modeling and CAD modeling underwear and Sea with a specialization also in Conformato Underwear and size delelopment. On August 7, 2015 I attended the event Starfashion organized by the school and the dress made by me, won the prize offered by LECTRA .. This course has given me great satisfactions, prepared me from the professional point of view and I have to thank also Silvia Vitali for that. I currently work at a company specialized in the production of swimwear and beachwear: the MARGARITA SRL.