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Katya Danchenko


My name is Katya Danchenko and I am from Kiev. Ever since I was a young girl I’ve dreampt of working in the fashion field. After having finished middle school I decided to achieve my goal and thus I enrolled in the University of Kiev where I attended the Faculty of Fashion and Design for 5 years. I was 23 when I graduated and I then moved to Ferrara, Italy where, with great enthusiasm, I continued my studies at the Scuola di Moda Vitali and received a Master in Industrial Pattern Making. I received my diploma in 2013 and thanks to Silvia Vitali, my teacher and school owner, I did some training at a company that makes luxury knitwear for other other companies. After that Silvia gave me the name of MARY C srl in Bologna. I contacted them and did a training period there and was then hired as a CAD designer for them. I finally realized my childhood dream ! I now want to improbe my knowledge and become better at my job and have a brilliant career in this fascinating field.