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Gloria Zebellin


My name is Gloria Zebellin. After getting a diloma in Advertising Graphics in Padova I decided to direct my studies to the field of fashion. I enrolled in the Scuola di Moda Vitali and in 2005 I received a diploma in Fashion Designing. Thanks to my studies I found my first job at Magicoral,a company in Padova that created the prestigious brand Maliparmi. I worked there for 6 years during which I was mainly involved in the development of embroidery and print collections and the realization of color variants and technical figurines. Since it was my first job I was curious to try something new and so, in 2012, I decided to change and found another job at Magazzini del Sale, a brand design studio. I worked there for one year making all the prints and patterns for the brand Magazzini del Sale. I also made graphics for several other brands such as Galliano, Costume National, SweetYears and Yamamay. I now work as a freelance fabric and graphic designer.