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My name Elisabetta Bragaglia, once i finished the Junior high school I attended the Art Institute “Dosso Dossi” in Ferrara, taking the ‘Plastic address. During these five years I free my creativity, the passion for the world of arts and design inspired me to follow this road, and completed the course in high school I decided to enroll at ISIA of Faenza, where I got the opportunity to study subjects related to product design. In these years I looked out for the first time at the fashion scene, thanks to the internal course in fashion at the university, and finished also that experience, I enrolled at the Fashion School Vitali in Ferrara, attending the course of Fashion Designer, split up in modeling and woman appear. Then, i participated in some fashion contests for young designers, like “Fashion in Castle ” organized by CNA Ferrara, winning the 1st place and so having the opportunity to start my working career at the Aeffe Group Spa.