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My Story

My name is Arianna Battaglia, I studied at the high-school Iris Versari Cesena, ”clothing  and fashion” address, where I got the graduation in 2009. During the five years I’ve done four internships during which I realized it would be my job so I decided to go on to further studies looking for a course where I could expand my knowledge as a pattern, and surfing the net I found the Vitali Fashion School in Ferrara, I immediately loved the school and I decided to enroll to the course of tailoring pattern maker. Before the end of the course in March 2010 with my mother we decided to open a business ”Fantasies AriEl” in Cesenatico, the city where I live, I’m in charge of the tailoring department and clothing repairs and my mother creates jewelry and wedding favors . After taking the exam as a patter for woman I decided to continue expanding my skills with the course of pattern- women conformed, pattern-man and finally pattern for underwearman and woman – with size development. I still have my store that gives me a lot of satisfaction, and in 2014 we also opened a website where you can buy our products.