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Sheila Signor | Vitali Fashion School

    Atelier Zilio (Ud)

Sheila Signor Atelier Zilio Udine

Atelier Cenedese - Bologna




My name is Sheila Signor and I live in Udine. I have always  had a passion for the captivating world of clothes and accessories and for the technique with which they are made and for the search of quality. A new prospective opened to me after I started making a T-shirt for myself because I couldn’t find one that I liked. I thought  maybe I had some sort of talent and that I could  make something “ of my own” and that that could become my  future. After finishing high school I looked for a short-term training course so that I could then have some solid skills with which to enter the working field. I fould the Scuola di Moda Vitali and I enrolled in the Fashion Designing  course. This is a school that gives intensive courses and teaches high level techniques.  The period of formation really prepares one for the working field not only from the designing point of vew and the laboratories that require meticulous work, the creativity, research, punctuality, homework, etc. but also from the human side of it  where you learn patience, the haste and humility to put yourself in a varied environment in which you learn something new every day. At the end of the course the Atelier Zilio in Udine offered me a contract to work for them as a designer. I now make the paper patterns for them and am in charge of the cutting room and packaging.

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