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    ESSE 2 Confezioni (FE)

Sabina Trotta Esse Confezioni Ferrara

Sa.Ra Confezioni Final di Rero (FE)



My name is Sabina Trotta and I was born in Nardò, Sicily.  I learned how to hold a needle and thread in my hands  when I was a child.  An aunt of mine was a dressmaker and she taught  me how to sew loose stitches, my mother always sewed our clothes; they both taught me the basics of sewing. When I was 17 I decided to quit school and go to work and for 10 years I worked in dressmaking shops , first as a sewer and then as head of the sewing line and sample maker In 1996  I and my family moved to Ferrara and I had to  put-aside my passion for sewing until I started making   cos play  costumes for my daughter Sara. It was then that I understood it was time for me to get back into the game,even if getting into the game at the age of 40 isn’t easy ! I found out that there was a very prestigious fashion school in Ferrara and decided to get some information about it.  Silvia Vitali,the owner, welcomed me and kindly and professionally told me about the courses the school gives. I enrolled in the school and took a course in sartorial pattern making for me women and men and at present I am specializing in plus-size pattern making. With the help of my family I opened a dressmaking shop on February 14, 2014, thus making my dream come true. I am deeply proud of this because  this job has given me the opportunity to meet fantastic people and to be able to satisfy   my clients’ wishes. I want to thank  Claudia Deserti, a teacher at the Scuola Vitali, who with her friendship and collaboration introduced me into the world of fashion: Chiara Vignali, the sewingmachine supplier who always spurred me to open my own dressmaking shop and provided me with the best equipment and my heartful thanks go to Silvia Vitali who today is still here to give me advice and help me improve my work. Believe in what you want and never give up hope !


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