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My Story

My name is Nina Canala,  I am Australian and I now live in Italy. As a young girl I would spend hours embroidering and sewing with my mother in our garage. I have a degree in  Marketing Management and International Business from th University of Adelaide but nonetheless I  always looked for a course in styling and fashion designing in Italy with the dream of going there to live and work.  After finishing my university courses I began working for  an important insurance company but I always had this idea of Italy and its fashion field in my head. After three years I finally decided to follow my dream. Among the numerous Italian schools I found on the internet I picked the Scuola di Moda Vitali in Ferrara. There I attended a Master in Industrial Fashion Designing  because I wanted an intensive and comprehensive course in styling, designing and CAD designing. Shortly before finishing this course I had the opportunity of doing a trial period at Calzedonia Spa. A dream can often become reality. I now work for one of the most prestigious Italian companies and want to thank the Scuola di Moda Vitali for the help and training I received there during my beautiful adventure in an extraordinary country.

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