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Man Pattern Making Course

  • Reserved to qualified or professional Pattern Maker
  • Duration: 24 lessons 72 hours
  • Start-up: September or January
  • Attendance:1 weekly class 6 months
    2 weekly class 3 months
    3 weekly class 2 months
    4 weekly class 6 weeks
  • Subjects: Man Pattern Making
  • Professional outlets: Companies producing clothes, fashion workshops, self-employment
  • Payment: ( tax incuded)
    6 months 240 euro enrollment + 6 monthly rates 160 euro
    3 months 300 euro enrollment + 3 monthly rates 300 euro
    2 months 600 euro enrollment + 2 monthly rates 300 euro
    6 weeks 600 euro enrollment + 2 monthly rates 300 euro

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The classic shirt, necks, collars cuffs and pockets.
Lay out classic trousers with French style pockets, back pockets tread, bands, passers and zipper flaps.
Lay out trousers without pleats and stitching pockets, back casual pockets, entire band and zipper flaps.
Lay out jeans pattern with classic 5 pockets
Lay out basis classic jacket with 3 and 2 button, back slits, draw of linings, internal and adhesives
Lay out man sleeve in two pieces with slits.
Pattern of fancy jacket tuxedo style revers
Lay out classic sports coat, elegant and raglan jacket
Lay out classic sports jacket, slim fit biker style jacket and Burberry coat type
Lay out man sports sleeve for jacket.

Man Pattern Making Course

For info:
Scuola di Moda Vitali
Via Belriguardo,11
44121 Ferrara
Tel. +39 0532209942
[email protected]
Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 12.00 a.m

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