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Liliana Busuioc - Vitali Fashion School

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Liliana Busuioc Scuola di Moda Vitali





My name is Liliana Busuioc. A few years ago I looked for the address of a school of fashion on the internet because I wanted to take  a beginners course in fashion designing which is the field I've always dreamed of working in. I found the address of the Scuola di Moda Vitali and decided to enroll in that school. The first days of lessons  were very exciting  for me and I wondered if I would be up to the course. I began with the Fashion Styling course and then went on to the Conformed Styling course. I always want to know "why ? "and so I kept asking my teachers millions of questions and they, in turn, always gave  me  the right answers. I studied a lot and did homework with  two of my  classmates,  Monia and Valeria, up until the final exams. You must understand how lucky you are when you meet fantastic people who share your same passion : fashion ! After the fnal exams I returned to Romania. Two years went  by before I found the courage to open my athelier  LB DESIGN  on February 1st , my birthday. It's the best gift you  can give yourself !  I went back to Italy to buy some equipment and material and all the necessary accessories so as  to offer high quality fashion. One year has gone by since I opened my Atelier and I am extremely satisfied with my job and am always ready to give a big smile to all the men and women who ask me to sew clothes for them for all occassions. A lot of passion and sacrifice made it possibile to make my dream come true.


Liliana Busuioc LB DESIGN Liliana Busuioc