Vitali Fashion School is LECTRA Education Certified

LECTRA's first CAD classes started at the Scuola di Vitali Moda end 1989. The first private school in Italy to incorporate the Lectra CAD system into the CAD-CAM modeling program with Lectra systems. The vital fashion School has been supporting pattern maker and aspiring Stylist for almost 30 years thanks to the Lectra range, the most used and tested model creation solution in the world. LECTRA CAD courses allow you to learn all the knowledge about modeling and CAD placings, offering considerable savings in design and production, including the flexibility necessary to adapt to a constantly changing area; The modelers have at their disposal more time to devote to their task: the creation in series of the collections. Thanks to the programs used during the course, the pattern maker will be able to bring to the screen the tasks once performed manually..

1989 Scuola di Moda Vitali Scuola di Moda Vitali, dal 1989, Corsi Modellistica CAD con LECTRA

Lectra Education Cerified Education Partnership

The Vitali Fashion school thanks to an agreement with LECTRA, offers to every student enrolled in the annual and Master courses in fashion Design and pattern making , the possibility of being able to install on their computer (for personal use only) the CAD pattern maker programs , CAD placing and fashion Design, for the duration of the training course. COURSES PROGRAM >>>

Modaris Expert V8 Lectra Diamino Maker Lectra Kaledo Style Lectra


For almost 30 years we have been conducting high-quality pattern maker and Design with LECTRA Software.

LA PERLA, GUCCI, EMILIO PUCCI, ALPINESTAR, are some of the companies where they carry out CAD pattern makink activities and Design the students at the end of the course. >>>

Intel Solution for Fashion Industry - Vitali Fashion School - Scuola di Moda Vitali Winodws 10 IOT



Modellistica CAD Lectra Modaris V8 Expert


Piazzamenti CAD Diamino Lectra


Fashion Design CAD Kaledo Style lectra

Team Scuola di Moda Vitali con Caterina Rorro Mkt Leader Lectra Italia