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Ilaria Trombini | Vitali Fashion School

    Atelier La Parisienne

Sheila Signor Atelier Zilio Udine

Atelier Cenedese - Bologna




My name is Ilaria Trombini and I have a degree from the Fine Arts Accademy in Bologna. I became interested in dressmakng thanks to the course in theater costumes that I took  at the Accademy. After finishing  my thesis in  “Wearable Sculture” based on fashion in the arts I attended a professional course in Fashion Designing at the Scuola Vitali in Ferrara.  Thanks to Silvia Vitali I had the opportunity to do some training at the Atelier La Parisienne in Ferrara. The professionalism and enthusiasm of this store immediately conquered me and after my training period I started working for them. I am learning a lot in this marvellous atelier that boasts a long experience and great attention to what is new in the field, is always willing to make changes and find specific solutions so as to personalize and make unique clothes and accessories using excellent fabrics and innovative models. I have also  had the opportunity to participate in elegant occassions such as fashion shows, fairs and events related to weddings and to gain experience from thebest companies, dressmakers and professionals who are part of this field.

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