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Vitali Fashion Show ARGENTA 2002

Argenta 8 September 2002. Haute couture parade of the creations of Vitali Fashion School students. 22 girls will be selected from local beauty contests in Romagna, Emilia, Puglia and Lombardia, and will compete for the title of Miss Argenta in the small city main square.The night will be hosted by Giancarlo, Wilma and Pino under the direction of Annamaria Rosetti, and will present great guests such as Ricky Martin's official double and Colt, a new band directly coming from Sanremo Giovani. An entire night completely dedicated to beauty and elegance thanks to the students of the Vitali Fashion School in Ferrara.

sfilata di Moda
Vitali Fashion Show
allievi Scuola di Moda Vitali
Vitali Fashion
Sfilata di Moda Argenta
Vitali Fashion school
Sfilata di Moda
Vitali Fashion school
Vitali Fashion school
Sfilata Argenta
Vitali Fashion school
Scuola di Moda Ferrara
Vitali Fashion school
Ferrara Moda Corsi Sfilate
Vitali Fashion school
Silvia Vitali
Silvia Vitali Vitali Fashion school