Vitali Fashion School

Nadia Vitali [ Founder ] 1957

Silvia G. Vitali [ CEO ] Silvia G. Vitali Scuola di Moda Vitali Ferrara 1986

Luca Giannola [ Fashion Stylist] Luca Giannola Stilista di Moda - Scuola di Moda Vitali

Chiara Olga Moccia [ Fashion Designer ] Chiara Olga Moccia - Scuola di Moda Vitali

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Established in 1957, is proud to be the only private school of its kind in Ferrara.The professional courses organised by this school are designed to give a technical and artistic acquaintances to those who want to learn all, of concrete character, profits in order to approach themselves, or to become part in the world of the fashion. Only in their kind, the courses guaranteed to provide to the young people with all the professional knowledge needed to take their place in industries involved in the design and manufacturing of clothes.He matters, in fact, space in all the fields, from the Stylistic-Commercial research, to the Sartorial or Industrial Pattern Making, until the modern Confection Techniques, also with the aid of the most up-to-date " CAD " systems.The programming is divided in two stages: Stylistics and Design is particularly suitable for those who have no previous knowledge in the field of fashion, the course of Industrial or Sartorial Pattern Maker, Development of sizes, and Computerised Placings are designed for both beginners and holders of diplomas, also coming from other schools or to those who already work in the field and wish to upgrade their qualifications.

1957 - 2017 | 60 years of story Fashion Education | Italian Fashion School for Taylor, Patter Maker and Fashion Design

Scuola di Moda Vitali - Vitali Fashion School